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Best Smart Ring Buyer's Guide in 2021

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Smart wearable devices have been developed for years and there are many different types of smart wearable devices you can choose according to the specialized functions and unique features such as watches, wrist bands, clothing and rings etc. Then, what is the best type of smart wearable devices? The answer is up to you, for example, the smart watch, the most common wearable type, is suitable for you. But recently ring type wearable devices have emerged to become the popular type worldwide because it is small, light and comfortable fit so it doesn’t put a burden to the users in daily life. As well as, Smart wearable rings have various functions and features providing the tracking data of users activity and sleep by connecting each own mobile App, payment service with NFC or voice assistant function and so on. So, it is important to check the details of each specialized features before selecting the smart ring to buy it.

Let’s find out what is the best smart rings for your better and easier daily life. I hope you are aware of that and have your finger on the pulse if you are getting it!

Best Smart Rings in the market

Oura Ring


K Ring



The most popular smart ring : OURA Ring

Oura ring is one of the most popular smart rings especially in healthcare field. Its main features is the activity tracking based on the quality of sleep and it provides the users the personalized daily insights through Readiness, Sleep and Activity using Infrared photoplethysmography sensors for heart rate and respiration, Negative temperature Coefficient sensor for body temperature and 3D Accelerometer for accurate activity measurements.

Since the summer of the last year, Oura ring became a big issue the NBA had provided its players it to monitor their conditions and protect them from COVID-10 pandemic. Currently Oura is studying the algorithm which predicts the COVID virus disease outbreak, progression and recovery by identifying the pattern of the physiological data collected from Oura ring.

OURA analyzes and stores the data collected for 3 weeks and the user can check via the smart phone App connected with OURA ring. Water resistant and its material is titanium so durable. When full charging (20-80min), it s not dead till 1 week. In respect of design, offer various colors and designs and awarded Reddot design award 2018 .

The price is in the range of $299 ~ $999 USD, varies depending on the model.

The sleep monitoring ring : Go2Sleep

The lack of sleep has an influence on diabetes, immunity, obesity and dementia and so on. Shortly, the low quality of sleep accelerates aging.

The sleep tech which is a combination of the words Sleep and Technology aims to improve our sleep health by inducing a deep sleep and solving the sleep problem, for example, the device tracks the sleep habit and the corrects the sleep condition for the sound sleep. Also it suggests to improve the quality of sleep using vital signals.

Pay attention to Go2Sleep if you consider buying the smart ring for better sleep.

Sleepon developing Go2Sleep thinks there is still room for innovation in the sleep monitoring realms and it's hoping it can offer something new with its Go2Sleep smart ring.

As an advnacned sleep tracker, heart rate and SpO2 is monitored and tracking record gives you the insight on your qulity of sleep and how to improve. Main features is to measure resting heart rate, SpO2 and AHI.

GO2SLEEP HST has the international advanced hardware, which uses 660nm and 940nm dual-wavelength reflective PPG sensors to detect finger arterial capillaries. The sample frequency is 50 Hz, calibration ranges from SPO2 70-100%.

Ring's material is silicon ring and its weight is only 6g, so it makes feel comfortable when you sleep. The measured data store 7 days in device. The retail price is $129 (currently discounted, $99.00)

The world's first smart ring as a certified medical device : CART-I

The CART-I is the only one certified as a medical device among the smart wearable ring. CART-I will monitor your heart condition in real time to be free from the concerns of your health if you diagnosed or suspected Atrial Fibrillation.

CART-I is the medical device which certified by CE-MDD, MFDS and KGMP and its big advantage is a ring type wearable device so you can feel comfort when putting it on your finger in your daily life.

PPG sensor collect the vital signals continuously to detect Atrial Fibrillation and check your Heart Rate and you can also use the self-check mode, both PPG and ECG sensor is stimutancely activated to check whether your heart is stable or not when you have an experience on abnormal symptoms. As far as you know, ECG is a gold standard to diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation.

The study will be an opportunity for us to enter the global healthcare market. CART-I will make a good combination with the ICM in monitoring heart rhythm and providing meaningful data for patients and doctors.

Professor Timothy Betts, Cardiologist and arrhythmia specialist

Deep-learning Algorithm developed by Sky Labs had made the PPG signals collected from CART-I use for detecting Atrial Fibrillation like ECG graph and 99.6% of its diagnostic accuracy is clinically proven. According to this advantages, you can talk to your doctor by providing the data on AF episode or AF burden(%) and also they can check your measured data in real time if they register in our website.

Another benefits are to offer the expanded features, Arrhythmia, Blood Pressure, SpO2, Sleep disorder and dementia will be detected through CART-I in the near future and Sky Labs team is developing.

The retail price is £319.98, its price is relatively high but given that it is the medical device, it a reasonable price for patients with chronic diseases.

The NFC Ring for contactless payment : K Ring

Due to COVID-19, contactless life becomes common thing. Therefore, many people said the smart ring is the best type for contactless payment or transit pass because smart ring feature that serves users with convenience and ease is the transit pass. Much like smart rings with contactless payment capabilities, transit pass smart rings use NFC to transmit data wirelessly.In the market, various NFC Ring is already commerialized and K Ring is one of them which functions is contactless payment capabilities that can be used as a trasit pass and currently avialalbe in UK only. The users in the UK can use the K Ringon the TfL network in London as an alternative to a ticket or Oyster Card.

These include TfL services like buses, trams, London Overground, TfL Rail, Tube, DLR, Emirates Air Line, Thames Clipper River Bus, and most National Rail services in London.

K ring has two different colors you can choose, back or white and its price is £99.99.

The voice assistant : ORII Voice powered ring

ORII Voice powered ring as the ultimate voice assistant Ring can help you check new messages, control your music and so on. In short, ORII is your voice assistant like Siri or Alexa with working it at your fingertip.

Origami team raised over on Kickstarter in 2017 and then we can experience ORII in the market. Regarding its unique technology, ORII lets you take calls by touching your finger to your ear using bone conduction tech to help you hear the calls.

You can choose many color options, grey, black, silver and red so you can express sense of fashion by wearing ORII.

According to Origami team, the ORII may be suitable for the person who wants the daily interactions should be checked in real time. Keep in mind that ORII is a good assistant and help keep you at a distance from the smartphone for freedom on the move. For your information, you can buy it for 156 dollars.


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