About CART

What are the main functions of the product?

CART is a ring-shaped medical device that has obtained European CE MDD certification. 
CART is worn by the user for a long period of time to record pulsations and electrocardiogram. It sends data to mobile over Bluetooth, and mobile sends data to cloud servers to store it. It also analyzes the stored signals and shows the results.

How does the product work with my mobile device?

CART uses Bluetooth to transmit data to your mobile device.

Can I use this product with a pacemaker?

CART is not recommended to those with a pacemaker since accuracy of the ECG records cannot be guaranteed.

Is the device waterproof and anti-allergic?

Yes, you may wash your hands or work out while wearing this ring-shaped CART. As CART is IP58-rated, you may wear it for a long time even in water at a depth of more than 1 meter. 
CART is manufactured in compliance with ISO10993-1 (biological evaluation), an international standard applied to medical devices. 
However, if the finger on which you wear the CART becomes red or develops any skin irritation, stop wearing the CART immediately. If the symptom persists without wearing the CART for 2-3 days, you should go and see a dermatologist.

How should I manage my CART?

As any foreign matter stuck in or on the ring-shaped body may compromise the quality of the signals collected, please keep it clean by wiping the body thoroughly with a soft cloth. CART may be damaged if washed with hot water or a detergent.

Safety and Security

What personal information does CART require and collect?

When signing up for an account, you are required to enter your email, name, gender, date of birth, region, height, and weight. 
CART collects your ECG and PPG data.

How to use CART

How can I register my CART? 

1) Tap "Setting > My device > Add device" to scan the QR code of your CART or enter the serial number.
2) The initial Sensor Setting starts for data collection. Once the settings are confirmed, then the registration of your CART is complete.

What is the most suitable way to wear CART?

Wear it as guided in the pictures below; the top of CART should be rotated up (towards the back of your hand), and the sensors should face the palm side.

How can I charge the battery? 

Place your CART in the right direction and fit it into the charging cradle provided. While being charged, the status LED of the cradle is lit in red; once fully charged, the LED turns green.

How can I manage the information on my doctors? 

Tap "Setting > My doctor" to manage your registered doctors.

About ECG and PPG

May I know how it measures the PPG signals? 

The PPG signals are automatically collected while you are wearing your CART.
LED emits light to the blood vessels inside the finger, and then CART collects the light signals reflected in the bloodstream.

May I know how it measures the ECG signals? 

1) Tap Measure from the main screen of the CART app.
2) Tap Start, and then it will start the measurement in 5 seconds. Before the measurement starts, use the fingers of the other hand (without a CART) to gently cover/contact the metal part (bottom of CART) as shown in the figure below and measure it for 30 seconds.
3) While the measurement is in progress, the progress bar is displayed at the top of the screen. Do not move until the progress bar reaches 100%.
4) When the measurement is complete, the measured results appear on the screen. Press the Back icon at the top left to return to the main screen.

How to check data

What data can I see on the 'Report' page?

By tapping the 'Report' tab at the bottom of the screen, you can check the statistical data by period (daily, weekly, or monthly).

What data can I see on the 'History' page?

By tapping the 'History' tab at the bottom of the screen, you can see the previous self-check records.

What does the AF burden and analyzable time mean?

It shows how long the AF lasted during the analyzable time. It is the time during which good and analyzable signals above a certain level were collected from the CART worn on your finger.


Trouble Shooting

I received a message saying, "Not working while charging." What should I do?

CART does not collect any signals while being charged. Take CART out of the cradle and perform the self-check again.

I received a message saying, "There is no registered device. You can use the device after registering it in 'Setting> My Device'." What should I do?

This message appears when there is no registered CART in the logged-in account. Go to Setting > My Device, and register your CART.

I received a message saying, "Wear CART properly." What should I do?

This message is displayed when the CART is poorly worn (on your finger). Please wear the ring properly.

I received a message saying, "Bluetooth is turned off. Please turn on Bluetooth and restart CART." What should I do?

You receive this message when the Bluetooth of your mobile device is disabled. Please enable the Bluetooth and then restart the CART.

I received a message saying, "Please check your WiFi or Cellular network connection and try it again." What should I do?

This message appears when there is no network available. Please activate the network connection and try again.

I received a message saying, "There is no battery. Please change your Device." What should I do?

This message appears when the battery level of CART is low. Please use again only after charging the battery.


How can I delete a CART? 

Tap Settings > My Device to check the device list.
To delete a certain CART from your list of devices; 

1) Android: Touch and hold the device you want to delete.
2) iOS: Swipe the device you want to delete to the left.

How can I reset my password?

1) Tap Forgot Password at the bottom left of the Login screen. 
2) Enter your registered email address following the instructions, and then an 8-digit verification code will be sent to your email. 
3) Check the verification code in your email, and enter it to the verification code field on the CART screen.
4) Enter a new password and tap OK to complete the change.

Where can I see the information for the CART app including its terms of use?

Tap Settings > Support > About CART to see the CART information and its terms of use.

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